Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 8 Home Work

Kia Ora

After much tutuing around, I finally got the post up so here it is

Follow this link

Below is the exact web page if the link isn't working. You will have to select this web address and copy and paste it into youe web address bar.

Read the article and answer the following questions.

1) Why was it believed that there was no life at the bottom depths of the pacific ocean.

2) Who was the explorer who came up with the theory from question 1 and how did he come up with it?

3) How many new species of marine life were discovered around the world by Challenger?

4) Who is Richard Baxter and what didi he achieve?

5) When was the first Colossal Squid found and where?

6) Make a list of the 5 different zones and draw the depths on a line in your book.

7) What is so special about the epipelagic Zone?

8) What do you think would happen if the epipelagic Zone became polluted beyond repair, and why?

9) What was descovered on Morse's invention that made them think twice about the sea life at the bottom of the sea?

10) Write down 5 adaptations that a deep sea creature would need to survive down in the dark, cold, depths of the deepest trenches in the ocean.

Good luck this homework should only take you 15 minutes max! It is due in on Wednesday.

Matua Kopua

Thursday, March 11, 2010

AqUaRiUm ☺ ☻


On March the 11Th Room 8 went to the Portobello Aquarium to find out more about some of the rocky shore sea creatures.We had so much fun and saw some cool and some not so cool creatures.We even got to dissect a squid.Some found it fun and others, like me (Eleanor) found it totally gross.We took lots of photos of all the cool things we did and here they are.


Dylan's meal wont stay still.

Kapura eats the insides.Yum yum (not)

Inky hand moisturiser

C.j takes a fishy meal break

squid from the inside,out

Josh is going to be sick.Dylan on the other hand is as happy as can be.


Room 8 food chain

the class crabs

Reuben and kapura get mucky.

Ohhh its all slimy

The amazing squid dissection

A look at a hermit crab throw the telescope.


Ebz checking out some rocky shore creatures

Nicky is all good while she has a look at some sea life

Sam checks out the starfish

The squid in its grave

Nicky checks her new squid scented hand moisturiser

Sea anemone


The amazing seaweed

A zoo plankton

Matuas ultimate pukana (Bleh)

Matua looks the part.

Sam your meant to be scared.

Room8 people become dead shark din din

The weird legged crab

Um,nice lips.

A fish.What more can i say.

Courtneys starfish incounter

starfish.Moveing or not.

the touch tank.Da na na na!


Pretty fishys.☺♪

♫Spider crab,spider crab.Does whatever a spider crab does.♫

Courtney the shark.

Ahhh!!A crayfish.

The amazing giant squid gets stuffed.


Um, I thought whales very vegeterians

The room 8 food chain.

Um,nice look Llyod. not

Boys go shy for the camera

Oooooo Sam, brush ya teeth! Your scaring me!!!

Sally the seal gets her close-up

Marama lieing on the shark?not a good idea!!

Matua becomes dinner

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


On Tuesday the 9th of March Room 8 went out to learn
some golƒing tips from a Kiwi Golƒ teacher.

We practiced long distance and short, chipping and
putting with many different types of balls, a heavy big ball, a tennis ball and a rubber golf ball.

There were some awesome hits and some... not so awesome hits aswell.

The teacher was great and she taught us heaps, im sure
lots of people will want to play golf in the future.

Go Rachel!!

Good job Marara!!

Everyone's ready!!
No-ones Ready...
Mad Skillz sam !! ☻