Thursday, May 13, 2010

Room8 Camp

Room 8's Awesome Camp

On Monday the 26Th April 2010, room 8 set of to the wonderful camp that is Berwick Camp.When we arrived we had time to find our cabins settle in then we got ready to go for a bush walk.We went through bush and got cover in scratches and I was poked in the eyes by a stick at least 5 times.That night we had a game of spotlight and since it was still wet we got soaked but it was still fun.

Next day after a nights rest,well half a nights rest,we have our first 3 rounds of our activities,then after lunch we have the last two before we got ready for the most muddy,most dirty part of the whole camp.THE ASSAULT COURSE!

At the very start of the assault course everyone was dreading it but for some of us at the end it was start to get kinda fun.

After a nice shower or sauna or both we had dinner the have a few and inside games night before getting off for a good nights sleep.

Next morning after breakfast we went into the forest to for the Bivouac building challenge.Then after some yummy lunch we had our search and rescue and one of the poor groups,(my group)had to take Mr Herden down and hill and then he come back and then we had to take Rachel back to the abseiling base!When we got back we all had some dinner then had fear factor and poker night before hopping off to bed.

Thursday morning we got up and we had the Group initiative tasks.One group had banana and chocolate making on campfires which they had to make themselves.The other group had the confidence course.It was fun and the bananas tasted great.

Then after lunch everyone was busy doing prep for the camp concert that was on after dinner.

The camp concert was great and there were some pretty great acts.After that we had the secret Santa and everyone traded their presents and everyone(most)made a pretty good effort towards their gifts.

After secret Santa since it was the last night we all got to stay up and watch a movie that we had to bid for to choose.Highest bid got to choose.

Last day we got to sleep in then there was the big clean up before we had lunch then the last auction.After the auction we had free time before free time well we waited for the bus.

We had lots of fun were really sad to leave.But here are some photos we took throughout the week.

Room 8s Camp memories

Riley gets a surprise

Ashleigh room 8s sleeping beauty

Some random cows.moo!!!!!

Room 8 take one

Room 8 take two.

Ash very scary mad face.

Best friends forever

The walk view

Jamie takes the lead in the walk.

Dylanz looks serious

Courtz isnt joking around

Ashleigh!Looking super

We have heaps of fun and these are only some of the adventures we had.We had many and hope we have heaps more.

Elz. Room 8