Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome back.

Welcome back, room 8-ians. <------(courtney is lame) To start the term we have a new curriculum, including some of the topics you guys wanna learn. Main topic: IMPACT Sub topics: English, Teo reo Maori, science, i.c.t, community, ASPIRE, social studies, health (+ pubery, Yeah boy, jokes) the arts, physical education, maths and the visual arts. 1st week back at school: personal comments, Hannah: Courtney: " Are you enjoying school so far?" Hannah: " Yeah, i guess".

Courtney:" What are your thoughts on our topic IMPACT?" Lauren:" Yes, because we are leaning about the enviroment and we can help it, and i like the idea of the argument because we get to learn what we want to learn."

Riley: Courtney:"What are your thoughts on our main topic this term IMPACT?" Riley:" Its good because you get to learn what you want"

Liam: Courtney:" Are you enjoying school so far?" Liam:" No school is bad. (joking), but i like the topic."

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